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Bushfires in the Whitsundays

Many clients are asking us if the Whitsundays has been affected by the fires currently felt across the southern parts of Australia. The simple answer is NO - The skies are generally clear, the weather has been warm and sunny with traditional short downpours of summer rain. This summer rain brings out the greening of the islands and our local creeks and waterfalls begin to flow.


The world media is showing that the whole of Australia is on fire. This is not the case, even though there is no denying that fires have ripped through forests in New South Wales and Victoria in one of the largest bushfire crisis' the world has ever seen. The southern forests are dry and in summer are particularly vulnerable to bushfires. Queensland has been spared the worst of the forest fires due to our proximity to the tropics and a wetter climate in general.

Australia is a very big place and our landmass is around the size of Europe or the same width and breadth as the USA. An estimated 85% of Australians live within 40 Kilometres of the coast. There is quite a bit of space between the Whitsundays and the affected areas down south.

If you are driving Between Brisbane and the Whitsundays, you will travel along one thousand kilometres of countryside and coastline with all roads open and the perfect weather for swimming and relaxing. Most days are a tropical 30 degrees plus with evening temperatures around a balmy 20 degrees Celsius. Water temperature at this time of year is between 26 and 28 deg Celsius. 

It’s a fantastic time to visit the islands as not only is the weather great for swimming and snorkelling, it is also a great time to visit cedar creek falls in Airlie beach. Cedars Creek Falls is one of the jewels of the Whitsunday area and generally only flows in summer. If you are worried about a trip to the Whitsunday islands in 2020 being affected by bush fires, you have very little to worry about. All of Northern Queensland falls in what is known as the wet tropics, this means that bushfire events in summer are extremely rare, if not unheard of. 

All tours in the Whitsundays are running as normal and the Islands have never experienced a bush fire event resulting evacuations. Fortunately, the local national park authority follows the traditional indigenous methods of hazard burn reduction fires in winter. This has the benefit of reducing fuel loads on the ground and makes the islands green and able to withstand lightning strikes that may otherwise cause a bush fire. For more information on controlled burns in the Whitsundays, refer to this article. If you're planning a trip down under, make your way to the Whitsundays and enjoy a holiday in a tropical destination like no other.

There over 100,000 people involved as paid and volunteer firefighters in Australia, with volunteers coming from many different countries to assist with the current crisis down south. It is a summer event that Australians, unfortunately, know too well-this year however, the summer of 2020 is proving to be one of the worst years on record.

With volunteer firefighters on the ground currently, they need our help more than ever. If you would like to donate, volunteer firefighting organisations, blood banks, and wildlife rescue need the funds the most to help with the outbreaks as well as support the devastation to communities and eco-systems that have already been effected.  Here’s where you can donate, with your money being spent the most wisely:

Australian Red Cross

Firefighters - NSW Rural Fire Service

Firefighters - Victoria CFA

World Wildlife Fund

Thank you for supporting tourism in Australia.

For more information on how you can best plan for your upcoming Australian holiday and areas you can visit that are unaffected by the current bushfire crisis, click here.

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