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The Best Job In The World Campaign

In 2009, Queensland Tourism's 'Best Job in the World' campaign created a global storm of media interest, and generated over $200 million dollars of publicity and marketing value. Over 34, 000 applicants from more than 200 countries applied for the position of 'Caretaker' of the Great Barrier Reef. The winner, Mr Ben Southall, received a substantial salary and accommodation in the Whitsunday Islands for six months, while he worked to protect the surrounding islands and habitat. Based on Hamilton Island, Ben was lucky enough to experience the very best of our region whilst blogging about his experiences. 

After the intital campaign took the world by storm, it was relaunched in 2013. The new competition offered applicants a choice from 6 different positions across Australia, with each role situated in a different state. The positions varied greatly in title, including a Wildlife Caretaker in South Australia, a Lifestyle Photographer in Victoria, a Park Ranger in Queensland, a Chief Wine Taster in Western Australia, an Outback Adventurer in the Northern Territory and a 'Chief Funster' in New South Wales. Each position offers the successful applicant a six month contract and a $100, 000 salary.

However, despite the attractive pay check, the value of the 'Best Job in the World' competition liess in the great range of experiences it offered - which was effectively priceless! The duties and roles of each separate position varied greatly, offering everything from travel writing, blogging and backstage journalism in New South Wales, to swimming with seals and sea lions, nursing kangaroos and feeding koalas in South Australia. Queensland offers the position of Park Ranger, where the winner will patrol beaches and study and protect native flora and fauna. Western Australia's position as a Wine Taster was different again, with the winner expected to travel the state, sampling the best food on offer, as well as learning the trade of making wine and brewing beer. Victoria was appealing to those with a creative flare, offering the position of Lifestyle Photographer, capturing everything the state has to offer, from its diverse cultural centre to the breathtaking scenery of its Great Ocean Road and snowy peaks. Finally, the Northern Territory offered the role of an Outback Adventurer, beckoning those with a wild streak to get close to wildlife, live on the land and experience the indigenous culture of rural Australia.

Applicants were required to submit in a 30 second video of themselves, explaining why they fit the role of whichever job they desire. The judging focused on the creativity of the videos, the motivation and attitude of the entrant and their overall merits. With these prerequisites, it was sure to produce a great deal of originality and unique ideas as entrants seek to outdo each other in their short, 30 second time frame.

Winners were officially announced on June 21 2013. Take a look below at just who took out the coverted gongs for each state and their Instagram accounts:

1. QLD Park Ranger - Elisa Detrez (France) - @elisaparkranger

2. NT Outback Adventurer - Allan Dixon (Ireland) - @daxon

3. WA Taste Master - Rich Keam (UK) - @richkeam

4. VIC Lifestyle Photographer - Roberto Seba (Brazil) - @robertoseba

5. NSW Chief Funster - Andrew Smith (USA) - @phacebook

6. SA Wildlife Caretaker - Greg Snell (Canada) - @gregorsnell

7. TAS Tassie Devil Wrangler - Graham Freeman (South Africa) - @insta_graham23

And as for Ben Southall? He continued his adventures around Australia, returned to Hamilton Island to marry his sweetheart Sophie, is now based in Brisbane and has just published his first book!

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