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Planning a holiday is an exciting and sometimes stressful event. Booking flights, accommodation, transfers and car hires are just a few things you have to think of and organise before you even pack your luggage, which can seem like a daunting task. An easy way to avoid this stress is to book all these things in one go!

One way to do this is by booking a 'package' or 'combo' which can help with the stresses of planning. A package or combo is a basic holiday format that is already planned, mapped-out and priced for you to make picking and choosing the right package easy and seamless. A huge plus to booking a package is that they are usually a lower price than if you booked all the parts separate.  

There are endless types of packages to suit different tastes, options and budgets, and we can also assist to build a completely new package, just for your needs! Just ask us how.

So next time you are perusing countless websites, trying to find the best price or option for accommodation, transport, transfers, tours and trips, check out the 'packages' section of our website and see what's right for you.

Below we have listed several options for types of packages you may want to build for your next trip.


  • Accommodation and boat trip
  • A day tour and scenic flight
  • A boat trip and scenic flight
  • A boat trip, scenic flight and accommodation
  • 2 different boat trips and accommodation
  • A boat trip, transfers and island accommodation
  • 2 different tours, accommodation and a scenic flight
  • A boat trip, accommodation and Fraser Island tour

For pre-made packages visit our packages page with combos suited for backpackers, couples, packages in the Whitsundays, Hamilton Island packages, Fraser Island packages, day trips, or even packages that include diving courses or sailing courses

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