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Learn to Sail in the Whitsundays

Sail Training

If you have ever had the desire to go sailing or take it one step further and learn to sail than look no further than sailing in the Whitsundays.

Renowned as a sailing mecca around the world, the Whitsundays continues to be a top destination for avid sailors and those, of all ages and from all walks of life, wanting to experience this exhilarating recreation. With the demand to learn to sail, there are ‘learn to sail’ opportunities available from a variety of outlets in Airlie Beach.

Training Courses

A very popular option for adults wanting to build their skills is through an ‘Introduction to Sailing Course’ which equates to a sail training certificate. And, the reason why this course is popular is because it is onboard Whitsunday maxi yacht and Sydney to Hobart racer ‘Eureka 2’!

As a current ocean racer on the racing circuit, Eureka 2 is a great platform not just from complete beginners, but also those keen sailors who are wanting to develop their skills further.

For more advanced learners, Commercial Crew Course are conducted onboard Eureka 2 which includes training on safety, commercial sea-time log book, professional instructor and course certificate.

Sail Training

What else is out there

Known as the hub of sailing in the region, the Whitsunday Sailing Club is one of the forefront organisations which provides the opportunity for people to experience sailing and often, learn to sail courses.

Within the Whitsunday Sailing Club there are a number of sailing programs. The club’s run a variety of sailing groups, including off-the-beach style dinghy sailing and offshore keel boats racing which is inclusive to people of all ages.

Though there isn’t anything operating for adults wanting to learn to sail currently, the club continues to build its sailing fleet and always encourages new people to the sport.

For those beginning to learn the ropes, the club operates seasonal ‘learn to sail’ programs for school-aged children who will begin in a dinghy-style boat and eventually progress into larger dinghies known as optimists, lasers and tasars.

The club also has an exciting offshore keelboat sailing program which involves monohull and catamaran sailing, which are split into divisions depending on the style of the boat. With an experienced boat owner and skipper, the boat also requires a crew to man the sails throughout the races. The crew members are often still learning the ropes at this stage of sailing!

Whitsunday Sailing


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