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‘Easy Like Whitsunday Morning’ - A Bloggers Perspective of Sailing Whitsundays

Upon arriving and wandering the streets of Airlie, nestled in the far corner of 'Lea's Book Store', my eyes were drawn to a sentence eluding to the essence of travel - "the traveller notices details to which old residents are so accustomed to they consider them ordinary...Yet the eye of the newcomer cannot take everything in at once, the details gradually accumulate to form the whole picture."

In this case, with 74 islands making up the Whitsunday's, the pieces to gather for your collection are vast. Taking to the sea for a spot of 'Aqua camping' was the option I took to be sure the whole picture I would take away from this beautiful area was one of absolute completion....

Powerplay proved to be the perfect balance of relaxation and adventure. With no shortage of serenity or diversity of sights, combined with good company hailing from many different Countries and Continents, you're sure to come away feeling like you've travelled the World over after befriending and exploring with your fellow island trippers. Day one saw us set off toward Mantaray bay, where we dabbled in some snorkelling, providing a meet and greet with some of the unique local sea life - watch out for the GT, he's sure got speed!

Hopping back on the boat for a tasty feed of fresh fruit and various snacks we then made a go for Tongue Bay, a popular anchorage spot close to Hill Inlet, giving us more time for morning explorations before parking our beach bums on the gorgeous sand at Whitehaven Beach. The beautiful silky sand calls for a mandatory scrub from head to toe for all beauty conscious ladies....Just don't take your skippers word for it if he tries to tell you it also whitens teeth...As they say in old Straya, he's most definitely "Pullin ya leg!"

The commute to our next destination on the afternoon of day two saw most of us sleeping on the front netting of the catamaran, until being woken by joy filled screams at the sight of Whales breaching in the distance. We then got amongst another spectacular snorkelling session, this time at Blue Pearl Bay, before hopping back aboard to watch the sunset and scoff some nachos - a moment that was made complete with the Titanic song blaring on the loud speaker as couples reenacted the famous Jack and Rose scene.

Arriving back to the harbour sure leaves you keen for a nap after a jam packed 3 days, but the opportunity to meet up with your new boating buddies for one last hoorah and discounted deals at one of the bars surely surpasses that...


By Rosie Fea from

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