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Booking a Whitsunday Tour for a Group

Organising a holiday for a group of people, whether large or small, can be time consuming, tedious and quite challenging at times, particularly if you have to plan transport, tours and accommodation for everyone.

Fortunately, Sailing-Whitsundays is equipped with experienced travel consultants who are specialists in group bookings and can help to, not only find the right day or overnight trip for you, but can also assist with transfers, accommodation and more.

Whether you are a family, a group of friends, couples or backpackers, we can help.

How to organise your group holiday on an overnight boat efficiently?

  1. We recommend contacting your travel agent at your earliest convenience to ensure availability and please be mindful that prices may increase as the trip gets closer.

  2. If you can, try to organise flexible travel dates among the group which will open up more boat options to match departure dates.

  3. Try to determine the exact number of people who will be travelling early as a change to the group size may affect which boats you can go on.

  4. Be mindful that each boat has different accommodation configurations with some having shared and private cabins onboard as well as triple and quad shares. In some cases, some people will have to be in shared accommodation as there may be a limited amount of private cabins onboard.

  5. Have a budget per person in mind which will narrow down your options.

  6. Please note, that some tours will not take passengers under the age of 18, and only a handful of overnight trips will take children. Please ask your travel agent.

  7. Let your travel agent know what type of trip you are looking for, whether it is smaller group numbers, a more social trip, you wish to do diving etc.

  8. Ask you agent about airport transfers to assist getting your group around together, as well as accommodation.

  9. Ask your travel agent if you are interested in private chartering a vessel which means you will have the vessel to yourselves with a skipper and a host. This is a great choice if you are seeking an intimate holiday.

  10. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and communicate freely with your agent to ensure everything runs smoothly and you have a hassle-free holiday.

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