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Snorkelling on a Whitsundays Tour

If you are heading out on a day or overnight trip in the Whitsundays, bringing your swimmers is a must.

Not only will get you get to experience snorkelling in the aqua blue waters of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, but you will also get a first-hand viewing of its amazing marine life and coral species.

Almost every day and overnight trip has plenty of snorkelling on the itinerary and if time is willing, you will visit a number of different sites around the famous Whitsunday islands which all have unique coral and marine species, including the famous Mauri Wrasse and green sea turtles!

When it comes to jumping in the water, it is important to be honest about your swimming capabilities with the boat crew as your safety is their priority. (Please note, you won’t be able to enter the water if you cannot swim. This is at the discretion of your crew).

To assist you while snorkelling, the crew can offer flotation devices and wet suits and snorkelling equipment will also be issued.

If you have any questions, please ask your friendly crew you are happy help.

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