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Best time to sail in the Whitsundays

The Whitsunday Islands are an amazing part of Australia with stunning weather all year-round, with the different seasons offering something for everyone. They offer the perfect place to sail, with a plethora of islands and coves that make for ideal conditions. They are a sailors paradise and entice both locals and visitors alike to cruise through her waters. 

Located in the tropics, the Whitsundays have both a wet and dry season, with the wet season generally running from December to March. It is one of the busiest and hottest times of year, with many tourists flocking to the area to enjoy the sun and humid heat. While it is the wettest season and the Whitsundays can experience monsoons and heavy rain, it never stops the locals or tourists from having fun. Unless extremely bad weather rolls in, boat tours still run and tour operators continue to keep guests entertained and enjoying the Whitsundays. 

Winter season, which is much drier, is also a busy time in the Whitsundays. Running from June to August, it coincides with whale season, where humpback whales migrate to the region to have their calves and enjoy the shelter of the islands. This time of year can be much cooler, where a sweater might be required at night. However, the whales and dry weather still draw tourists in, so they can come see these animals in their natural habitat. 

Winter season also sees a number of events in the Whitsundays, including Airlie Beach Race Week and Hamilton Island Race week, which bring in thousands of sailors and spectators from all over Australia and the world. Both run for seven days each and bring a whole new crowd into Airlie Beach and Hamilton Island, creating a fun atmosphere and a great time to visit. 

There really isn't a 'best time' time to visit the Whitsundays as it is always a great time to sail and stay. Depending on what you want and how hot you like it, it might be better for you to come in the summer or winter season. Winter brings cooler temperatures and humpback whales, while the summer brings wet season and hotter temperatures - it's all about personal preference as the Whitsundays are beautiful and magnificent year-round and always welcoming visitors to the area. 


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