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Bareboat Whitsundays 

Bareboating or self-skippered tours are when you hire a boat and sail it yourself as skipper with no hired crew. Bareboating not only allows you to sail your own boat, but to also choose your own itinerary, cook your own food and enjoy your trip exactly the way you want. It is the best way to enjoy the freedom and luxury of exploring the Whitsundays on your very own boat, where you make your own perfect vacation.

Self-skippering the Whitsundays are a sought after experience and offers a unique and in depth way to see the islands. Not only do you choose the length, itinerary and all the small details in between, but you also get to have the amazing experience of sailing yourself around the islands. Experienced sailors and boaties are able to skipper their own boats, with their friends and guests as their crew, meaning you can ensure you have the exact people you want on your trip and choose the right boat for your group size.

Bareboating is a great way to see the Whitsundays if you have boating or sailing experience and want to take charge of your own trip. It allows you to plan your own itinerary and do what you want, when you want. You can choose to sail for extended amounts of time, with most trips requiring at least 5 nights, meaning you can enjoy the Whitsundays at length and giving you the chance to experience the Whitsundays for as long as you want.

There are all sorts of boats available to those wanting to self-skipper, from sailing catamarans, sailing yachts and power catamarans from several different companies in Airlie Beach. There are many different styles and models of boats, able to accommodate a wide variety of groups, from small to large, for your bareboat trip. Whatever you choose to do, you will definitely be able to enjoy your trip, your way and see all the best parts of the Whitsundays.

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