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Whitsunday sailing trips for backpackers

The Whitsundays are one of the most sought after destinations for backpackers to visit in all of Australia. A hub of fun hostels, amazing restaurants, and unforgettable sailing trips the Whitsundays sees thousands and thousands of backpackers every year. Below are some trips that are great on a budget with fun crowds and a great crew that are great for making friends and forging unforgettable memories!

Atlantic Clipper

Hosting 53 people at a time, Atlantic Clipper is the best place to make lifelong friends and form memories to last a lifetime. It has a waterslide, a 12 person spa, and an amazing nightlife. Ideal for solo backpackers or groups travelling together, all accommodation is shared and air conditioned. With a fun reputation, great music and a hilarious crew, Atlantic Clipper is the place to be for the ultimate backpacking experience!


Boomerang is ideal for backpackers looking to experience a traditional sailing vessel while visiting the Whitsundays Islands. Hosting 28 guests at a time, Boomerang offers a fun-filled trip on a budget, charting you to places like Whitehaven Beach and Hill Inlet Lookout and ensuring you get to spend some time in the water, snorkelling around the reefs!


Tongarra is one of the only backpacker catamarans in the Whitsundays; bold, fun and full of excitement, she offers an action packed 2 days and 2 nights in the Whitsundays! With 23 guests, this tour offers a fun filled trip on a budget. Steady sailing and action packed days promise not to disappoint.


Definitely a top pick among backpackers, Habibi has one of the best 2-day and 2-night tours on a budget. Hosting 25 guests a time, Habibi is a great place to meet other backpackers while sailing the Whitsundays. She has spacious decks and a classic sailing atmosphere, allowing you to experience the Whitsundays the way it was meant to be: on the sea!


Condor is a classic racing maxi with a lengthy history of racing all over the world, with wins of every major ocean race under her belt. She can host up to 29 people at a time and with private cabins and shared accommodation, it’s a great trip for both singles and couples. It’s the perfect 2-day and 2-night trip on a budget, allowing you to see the best of the Whitsundays. It’s usually has a blended crowd, making it great for those who want to have a relaxed yet social trip.  

New Horizon

New Horizon hosts a great tour for those looking to be social and have fun while exploring the Whitsunday Islands. Allowing for an authentic sailing experience combined with an action-packed itinerary, New Horizon is a great boat for those backpacking in the Whitsundays who are looking for fun and adventure.


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