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Whitsunday boats on TripAdvisor

When planning your vacation, it can be a great idea to get a second opinion, especially if you don't know any locals. Advertisements, salespeople and great photography only go so far, and it’s nice to hear from someone firsthand what they thought about a particular boat or tour.


TripAdvisor is a great forum for guests to leave their opinions and feedback, giving each an authentic critique uninfluenced by marketing, sales or agendas. TripAdvisor is a highly respected forum for this kind of feedback, and definitely a good place to check before booking your trip. It allows you to get a bit more insight about the boat, the crew and the food when you’re researching which boat might be right for you.


While getting a second opinion can be good when deciding on which boat trip is right for you, reviews can be misleading and it can be difficult to tell whether someone leaving a negative review indeed had a poor experience and whether that was any fault of the tour operator. While TripAdvisor can be a good tool to get honest feedback, you may not get all the sides of the story out. For example, if you see a negative review and the issue was poor weather prevented them from flying to the region, and they aren’t issued a refund by the tour operator, you have to ask why they didn’t prepare with travel insurance and read the fine print on the company’s refund policy. 

Booking with a local agent is your best bet

As always, it’s always better to book with a local company with staff that have actually been on the boats so they can give you an honest opinion. As a travel agency owned by boat owners and locals of many years, we can help you with the ins and outs of each option and help you pick the perfect tour for you. You wouldn’t want to end up on a party boat if you’re after some peace and quiet, or on a peaceful boat if you’re after a party! We know boats, and can help you choose the right trip for your needs and budget. 

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