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Living and Working in the Whitsundays

It is easy to see why so many foreign travellers who visit the Whitsundays enjoy the region so much, they actually want to stay and work for a period of time.

In recent years this has continued to become a popular choice for travellers who intended to backpack their way around the country, but have decided to stay in the Whitsundays on their working visa.

But what is living in Airlie Beach really like? Of course it is different when you are working and staying in the region permanently, but it does give the opportunity to stay and explore the place more thoroughly at your own pace and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.

How can you work and live in the Whitsundays?

Firstly, it is extremely important that you have the correct working visa to be able to work within Australia.

The best ways to find a temporary job is via word-of-mouth, flyers, social media and applying for jobs which have been advertised in the newspaper, online or on noticeboards. Word of mouth is great and can effective with with a high turn-over of people only staying in the region for short time period.

The most applicable jobs which can be easier to obtain is bar work at any of the local pubs, bars and clubs, cleaning at any of the mainland or island resorts, hostels and other accommodation places or working in the kitchen or waitressing at local restaurants.

A few job opportunities also come up on the day and overnight tour vessels so it is great to keep an eye open at the marinas.

It is important to always keep looking and don’t feel down about it, as something will usually come up when you least expect it!

Finding accommodation

With so many avid travellers on working visas coming and going from the region regularly, Airlie Beach has a number of temporary accommodation options which may suit.

Rooms at either private or real estate share houses can come up, or you may find a spare room in one of the crew houses.

Some accommodation places can also offer longer term stays, one of which to start looking is at Kipara Rainforest Retreat.

It is also a good option to check out the local newspaper, social media forums and noticeboards to see if anyone is needing a roommate.

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