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Whitsundays Travel Tips


Only Australian Dollars (AUD) can be used in Australia and the best way to determine the value of your currency is with an online currency converter (remember this can change daily to check regularly for the most up-to-date rate). There are numerous automatic teller machines (ATMs) which are available to access 24 hours located throughout the main street of Airlie Beach. Most national banks are also located throughout the Whitsundays.

Credit Cards/ cash

All banks have ATMs, accessible 24-hours a day, and it is important to let your bank know before travelling overseas as they can sometimes cut off access if they notice international transactions, in fear it is fraudulent charges. Every bank is different, so be sure to check with your card provider that your charge or account-linked credit card can also be used internationally. However, some place may only take cash, so it's always a good idea to have some handy. Travellers cheques are generally not accepted throughout the Whitsundays.


You must obtain an international drivers licence before getting behind the wheel in Australia. It is also important to familiarise yourself with all local road rules and regulations, as your country may have different rules and may even drive on the other side of the road. Be aware of what the different road rules are, and don't drive if you feel uncomfortable. Cabs and public transit are usually cheap. 

Travel insurance

It's strongly recommended that every traveller obtains travel insurance, no matter how long or short your trip is. Travel insurance covers a range of things and offers peace of mind. Do plenty of research to find the best insurance cover for your needs and fort the length of your trip. This is especially good for flight cancellations which can result in missed boat tours.

Medical needs

There are a number of doctor's offices in and around Airlie Beach and there are several available seven days a week. There is also a hospital if you require urgent medical attention, located in Proserpine, about 45 minutes outside of Airlie Beach. Please note, you may need to obtain a letter from your doctor to carry your prescribed medication on flights. There are also numerous chemists available in Airlie Beach, where you can pick up over-the-counter medications and toiletries. Certain over-the-counter medications require identification in accordance with Australian law, so be sure to bring an ID with you just in case.

Legal Age

The legal age limit for consuming alcohol in Australia is 18 and only those aged 18 and over are permitted to buy and drink alcohol. The legal age also applies for gambling and entering pubs and night clubs around Australia. It is best to carry personal identification with your date of birth with you at all times.

Travelling around

Airlie Beach is a small town and almost everything you will need is in walking distance from the main street. If you do need transport, there are public buses, taxis and shuttle buses at hand. 

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