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Summer in the Whitsundays

Summer falls in December and ends in February in Australia and is certainly the hottest time of year in the Whitsundays. Temperatures reach up to 29 degrees Celsius and 30 degrees Celsius in the day with water temperatures hovering around a nice 28 degrees Celsius. Considered to be the wet season, it is often humid with frequent rain showers throughout the season. However, its sunny nature always pokes through and the sun is shining in no time, still making it a good place to visit even during the wet season. Nights also stay quite warm, eliminating the need to bring a sweater with you during these hot few months! 

While it is really hot in the summer, it's always really easy to cool down with beaches and pools readily accessible. While it's highly recommended you wear a stinger suit when snorkelling or swimming during stinger season, which falls in the summer months, it doesn't stop you from having fun. Tours run all year round, but keep in mind the summer months correlate with many school holidays in Australia, so it's a good idea to book tours in advance. 

Because it is wet season, all the plantlife and wildlife are active and enjoying a break from the drier months, making everything green and plentiful and lush, in the way tropical North Queensland is known for! Creeks and lakes are full of fresh rainwater, making it an ideal time to check out local waterfalls and swimming holes. 

The Whitsundays are stunning all year around, and always worth a visit. No matter if you visit in summer, fall, winter or spring, it's always beautiful and full of life. The reefs are always abundant with fish, turtles, stingrays and thousands of species of coral all year around, and the protected coves and inlets provide the perfect place to snorkel and play during your Whitsundays vacation!

Summer temperature averages: 

Average maximum temp: 30.0 degrees Celsius 
Average minimum temp:24.4 degrees Celsius 
Average monthly rainfall: 186.8mm
Average ocean temp: 28.0 degrees Celsius 

Average maximum temp: 30.4 degrees Celsius 
Average minimum temp: 24.9 degrees Celsius 
Average monthly rainfall: 247.9mm
Average ocean temp: 28.0 degrees Celsius 

Average maximum temp: 30.1 degrees Celsius 
Average minimum temp: 24.9 degrees Celsius 
Average monthly rainfall: 330.8mm
Average ocean temp: 28.8 degrees Celsius 

Summer in the Whitsundays, pineapple.

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