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Airlie Beach tour operators come back stronger than ever

Airlie Beach tour operators came together to send a heartfelt message to the world: they are back and ready for business after being hit by category 4 Cyclone Debbie. Over 150 tour operators banded together and made their way to the famous Whitehaven Beach, where they created a unique sign with their beach towels, saying “Welcome Back” after being hit by the cyclone on 28 March, 2017.

The video is about 1:30 minutes long and shows the operators hopping on board several of Ocean Rafting’s fleet and making their way to the beautiful beach. Once there, you can see them setting up their towels and having some fun before the camera pans out to show the giant welcome back sign on the crisp white sand. The gesture is meant to let holiday-makers know that they are ready for new business post-Debbie, and definitely shows the world that Whitehaven is as beautiful as ever.

Whitehaven Beach is one of the most iconic places in Australia and is a staple in the Whitsundays. As shown in the video, it continues to be as beautiful as ever and is ready for tourists to come visit and see its beauty for themselves. The islands were hit during the cyclone, which stormed through on 28 March 2017. The video was shared all over social media - you can see it here.

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