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Instagram images that make you want to go to the Whitsundays

Why these ten Instagram images make you want to go to the Whitsundays

  1. This Instagrammer knows exactly how it’s done in the Whitsundays. Join in on a seaplane tour where you can stop off on some of the best locations in the Whitsundays, including Whitehaven Beach and the Great Barrier Reef. This amazing way of travel is the perfect way to see the Whitsundays in a small group while also getting to visit some of the best parts. We have several scenic flights available, ask us which one is right for you and see the Whitsundays in style.

    Our ride for the day... for real, Bow Wow 🛩 @whitsundaysqld #lovewhitsundays

    A post shared by Tara Milk Tea (@taramilktea) on

  2. Have your very own picnic on Whitehaven Beach and dine in one of the most unique ways in the world. Whitehaven Beach is made up of 98% silica sands, making it one of the softest beaches in the world. The silky sands and surrounding aqua blue waters make for the perfect backdrop for a lunch by the sea. Ask us which tours will accommodate for a picnic on the beach.

  3. See the beautiful and romantic Heart Reef while visiting the Whitsundays. Located on the Outer Reef, is it best viewed from the sky and lives within Hardy Reef.  We have several aerial tours that take you over the Heart Reef, which we consider to be one of the most romantic places in the world. This natural coral formation is a great place to take a loved one.

    Mindboggling view from heaven itself😇 #greatbarrierreef#corals#whitsundays#heartreef

    A post shared by Shreyas Iyer (@shreyas41) on

  4. Visit the Great Barrier Reef for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You can choose an overnight sailing tour or day trip to visit the Outer Reef, taking the opportunity to snorkel or scuba dive at Hardy Reef or Bait Reef. With so many amazing marine creatures and corals at your fingertips, this is an experience unlike any other.

  5. Hill Inlet is one of the most amazing views in the world, as this Instagrammer points out. The amazing swirling sands of Whitehaven are never the same twice and create amazing and diverse patterns in the water. You can visit Whitsunday Island and see the view from Hill Inlet Lookout on an overnight or day tour, or you can hop on a flight like this photographer.

  6. The Whitsunday Islands are full of amazing restaurants. Hamilton Island and Airlie Beach both have unforgettable places that will light up the senses and leave your mouth watering. This instagrammer enjoyed an amazing meal on Hamilton Island, with plenty to go around.

  7. See the Whitsundays in the most extreme way possible! This Instagrammer got the perfect shot of what it’s like to skydive over one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Get to enjoy a scenic flight up and then leap out over the great blue for an unforgettable experience.

  8. Snorkel with sea turtles like this photographer, who went to Langford Spit, located in the Whitsundays. The sand bar is known for its turtle population, which like to hang out around the colourful coral bommies that are near the spit. Ask us what tours visit Langford Spit and see if you can see some turtles!

  9. Sailing is definitely what you want to come to the Whitsundays for. The islands are a sailors paradise, with calm waters and isolated bays that provide perfect sails. There is no better feeling that cruising around with sails up, waves below and sun on your face!

  10. Enjoy some amazing activities that take place on land such as the Whitsunday Great Walk. The lush green forests in the Whitsundays and around Airlie Beach provide amazing hiking trails that display some of the most beautiful terrain around.


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